Pointe & Demi Shoe Fittings & Prices

Pointe & Demi Shoe Fittings & Prices

This service is for booking Pointe Shoe Fittings ONLY, all other fittings of clothing and shoes you can just turn up at our store.

CLICK HERE TO BOOK both Pointe & Pre-Pointe fittings, 24 hour Notice Required on our NEW LIVE ONLINE APPOINTMENT SERVICE 

For Same Day Appointments ONLY please call our shop to ask if any are available on 07340 766345

*There is No Charge to book.


*We do not Charge for the fitting either.

You ONLY pay for your shoes and accessories needed in the fitting.

*No Hidden Fees in the Price of the Pointe Shoes.

We stock mainly Bloch Styles & R-Class Pointe shoes. We also have Limited Stock of Freed & Capezio Pointe Shoes.

A purchase is not necessary and we do not charge a fee even if you do not buy when you attend the appointment.

*However if you cancel your appointment 2 or more times in a row a fee may be applicable on the 3rd booking. Cancellations within 24hours or no show of the appointment a fee of £10 will be invoiced payable online.

By Booking you are agreeing by contract to the above terms.

PLEASE NOTE Pointe Shoes are a Specialised fitting, there are many widths, sizes and styles, but we do sell them on our website to users that already have pointe shoes. Soft Block/Demi Pointes shoes on our website are for those pre going en-pointe, Demi Pointe do not need a professional fit as the user cannot go en-pointe as the structure of the shoe is not strong enough and the platform is not big enough, but we still suggest booking 1 half hour appointment to avoid disappointment by just turning up at our store. .

Prices of Pointe & Demi Pointe vary from £56.80.dependant on style or brand needed for the perfect fit.