Pointe Shoe Fittings

Pointe Shoe Fittings

You Can book a fitting appointment in our high street store here.

Because of Lockdown our earliest bookable appointment dates are from April 12th 2021, please take this into account when requesting an appointment.


There is No Charge to book.

We do not Charge for the fitting either.

You ONLY pay for your shoes and accessories needed in the fitting.

A purchase is not necessary.

PLEASE NOTE Pointe Shoes are a Specialised fitting, there are many widths, sizes and styles, but we do sell them on our website to users that already have pointe shoes. Soft Block/Demi Pointes shoes on our website are for those pre going en-pointe, Demi Pointe do not need a professional fit as the user cannot go en-pointe as the structure of the shoe is not strong enough and the platform is not big enough.